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ICC Meeting, Wednesday, February 18

The meeting will be held at 7:00 pm, Wednesday, February 18, 2009 (at the ICC office), 2 Taft Court (off Gude Drive), Rockville.
The meeting is designed to address:

  1. issues that directly impact adjoining homeowners, including soundwalls/berms, visual/noise/environmental impacts, construction noise, the removal of existing trees, displacement of deer & other wildlife, new landscaping, storm water management, etc.;
  2. responses to questions related ot engineering issues (traffic projections, etc.) that the ICC team couldn’t respond to at the GOCA meeting on Tuesday; and
  3. other ICC related issues of interest to attendees.

Directions to the ICC office are: (1) take Muncaster Mill to a left on Avery, a right on Southlawn, and a left on Gude. Take a left at the first signal
(Taft Court), and then a right about 100 feet down Taft Court (for 1 & 2 Taft Court). Drive around the buildings to the entrance which is the lower level at the far side of the building. Plenty of free parking is available; or (2) take 97 to a right on 28, to a right on Gude, to a right at the first signal (Taft Court), then follow the preceding directions to the ICC office. (See map.)