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Synopsis of April 12, 2011 GOCA Meeting

Chris Garland, Director of Development & Construction at Carl M. Freeman Company, described the Brookville Preserve development plans for 16 homes on the 13-acre property at Georgia Avenue and Owens, and Deborah Maselka of Manor Oaks expressed the residents’ concerns about traffic safety and the environmental impact. Sue Carter, an Attorney with Miller, Miller & Canby, presented Norbeck Montessori Day School’s case for relocating the school to Emory Lane. The community expressed concern about safety along busy and windy Emory Lane.

Arnie Gordon in his Civic Federation reported on local bills designed to reduce panhandling, permit accessory apartments, and reduce bag litter, and Matt Zaborsky gave us the minimally helpful details of the lien priority bill.

Although a resolution to oppose the Brookeville Preserve was proposed, it was tabled, and no resolution was proposed regarding the Montessori school.


Upcoming Events and Information:

04/27/11 – Opening at Harris Teeters with a ribbon cutting ceremony with Ike Leggett and Carl M. Freeman Companies Leadership Team. Please arrive before 11:00 a.m.

04/29/11 – Grand Opening Event sponsored by Carl M. Freeman Company, 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Continues on Saturday with events for children

05/08/2011 – Olney Farmers and Artists Market kicks off its 5th season with a demonstration by Chef Charlie Redden, former White House chef, live music, fitness tent, and children’s tent. Visit for more information.

05/10/2011 – May Meeting – Annual “Legislative Wrap-up” is scheduled

Late June – Panera Bread and Grill Marx scheduled to open