GOCA History

The Greater Olney Civic Association (GOCA) is a non-profit organization representing the interests of over 40,000 residents of the Greater Olney community. It is an umbrella group, with its membership consisting primarily of neighborhood civic and homeowners associations, although individuals may also be members. All policies and major decisions result from majority vote of the Executive Board, which is composed of the officers plus two representatives of each constituent association. The officers are elected annually by the Executive Board.

GOCA’s objectives, in the words of its bylaws, are to “study, plan, coordinate and promote the overall civic, economic, ecologic and cultural welfare” of the Greater Olney area.

GOCA, by providing a forum community concerns can be discussed and pursued, has given the Olney area a respected voice at the County and State levels of government.

Much of what can be seen today in Olney is the result of years of hard work by GOCA members. The Olney Library, the expanded Longwood Recreation Center and the widening of Georgia Avenue are a few examples of projects long sought by GOCA and the Olney community. Beautification and maintenance of the Olney intersection (Routes 97 and 108), a responsibility shares with the Olney Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club, is an ongoing project. Other ongoing projects include overall responsibility for the Taste of Olney and the Olney Days Festival, including the Olney Days Parade.

GOCA also played a key role in the adoption of the Olney Master Plan, which provides guidance for the direction the current and future development of Olney is to take. GOCA carefully monitors development plans to insure compliance with the Master Plan. As the Olney area grows and GOCA itself enlarges it membership base, GOCA will continue to pursue the bests interests of Greater Olney as those interests are determined by the people of Olney.