GOCA Awards

Olney is such a special place because it is filled with so many people who care about Olney and are willing to “get involved” and give something back to the community, each in their own way.

Each year Greater Olney Civic Association (GOCA) says thank you to the many individuals, businesses, and other organizations that the community has identified as having made a notable contribution to the greater Olney community. GOCA seeks nominations from its members and from the community. A ballot is compiled and voted on by GOCA delegates. The awards will be presented on Sunday, March 19, 2017.

Over the years, the categories for which awards are presented have changed some. The current categories of awards are:

Howard J. Garber Citizen of the Year Award

This award is named for a previous GOCA Vice President who exemplified the kind of participation in the community that results in a significant contribution this award recognizes. Among his many accomplishments during the few years he was involved with GOCA before his untimely death in 1989 was leading the effort to eliminate a dangerous s-curve on Georgia Avenue near Greenwood Park, north of Rte. 108.

Contribution to Community Award

This award is presented to individuals, groups, or businesses that have made a noteworthy contribution to the quality of life in Olney.

Youth Contribution to Community Award

This award is presented to a student in grades K – 12 that has made noteworthy contribution to the quality of life in Olney.

Ron Berger Heritage Award

This award recognizes significant contributions made during the early years of Olney’s growth from a small rural community or long-term contributions that have helped shape the development of Olney into the distinctive, satellite community and maintain the quality of life that makes Olney such a special place.

GOCA Worker of the Year Award

This award recognizes the outstanding work of a member of GOCA or a committee member on behalf of GOCA.

Special President’s Award

Each year, GOCA’s President acknowledges and expresses his personal thanks toan individual or group of his or her choice.


To nominate a person or group, please send an email (message or an attached word document) explaining who you are nominating and why to both  bfalcigno @ goca.org and matt @ mattzaborsky.com (you will need to remove the spaces in the email addresses).  Please include your contact information so we can contact you if there are any questions.  Nominations need to be received by February 14, 2017.


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