GOCA Correspondence 2014

Councilmember Nancy Navarro’s December 9 presentation to GOCA

Mid-County Regional Services Presentation from December 9 GOCA Meeting (presented by Ana van Balen)

BRT Purpose and Need Statement for 97 Corridor

This September 30 BRT Project Update issued by SHA, MTA, and MCDOT stands in stark contrast to the September 30 BRT letter issued by the County Executive to Sen. Karen Montgomery , therefore GOCA has issued  this letter to the County Executive in response.  The County responded to our letter on December 8.

GOCA has chartered a Public Policy and Community Affairs Committee.  Interested parties should fill out the Application and email it to gocapresident@gmail.com

GOCA Opposes County Bill 45-14 (Required education for HOA officers)

GOCA Supports Marian Fathers Development Plan

2015 Olney Transportation Issues approved at November 11 GOCA meeting

Transportation Committee video of Georgia Ave. during morning rush

Transportation Committee’s Report on Commuter Survey Results

Commuter Survey results presentation given by Transportation Committee at NOV 11 GOCA Meeting

Notice_Pre-Submission Community Meeting_Chick-Fil-A_18115 Georgia Ave

Letter to MDOT Secretary Regarding 97/28 Grade Separation

GOCA’s Transportation Committee has created a DRAFT Olney Transportation Issues document posted here for public review and comment

GOCA’s Transportation Committee is conducting an informal survey of Olney area commuter patterns. Please take 30 seconds to complete the survey.

The District 14 Team has forwarded this letter in response to GOCA’s September 15 BRT Letter.

On September 30 the County Executive issued this letter regarding BRT in Olney to Senator Karen Montgomery

GOCA Legislative Committee Charter and GOCA Legislative Committee Application

At its September 9, 2014 meeting, GOCA passed a resolution regarding the MD 97 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Project Planning Study.  This resolution is included in a letter communicated by GOCA to the State Highway Administration and the Montgomery County Department of Transportation in response to their letter to GOCA dated September 2, 2014.  GOCA’s letter references and attaches the Olney Chamber of Commerce’s September 8, 2014 BRT Resolution.

GOCA TRANSPORTATION COMMITTEE CHARTER and����Transportation Committee Application

Georgia Ave. Safety and Resurfacing Project

GOCA BRT Task Force Interim Update – July 2014

97/28 Rezoning Issue; Zoning Request G-960

Application – GOCA Traffic Cameras Task Force

GOCA Supports Good Counsel Performing Arts Center

GOCA opposes HB1279 and SB627 (Special tax districts)

2014 Bond Bill Support

2014 North Branch Trail

2014 priority list 97.28