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Synopsis of May 11th Meeting

Public comments at the well attended meeting included the library’s closing and the need for entertainment for teens. Legislators Senator Rona Kramer, Legislative Aide to Senator Mike Lenett Teresa Healey-Conroy, and Delegates Anne Kaiser, Karen Montgomery, Ben Kramer, and Roger Manno described the strained budget and the negative impact of transferring teachers’ pensions to counties. They serve us well through committee work and sponsored bills for the elderly, those impacted by foreclosures or hospital bills, people with disabilities, and the water in the Chesapeake Bay and our water supply. They are also focused on driver sobriety and reducing gang activities. The legislators joined the community in some of the discussions focused on Olney which included the expenses for Olney Days and the need for volunteers, the updates to the town center, the 97/28 intersection, the impending church in SEROCA, and the Bowie Mill development.

Upcoming Events or Information

1. This weekend: First Baptist Church plans will be up at the Park and Planning Department’s website. The plan’s number is 82010080. See #6 below.

2. May 16th: The Farmer’s Market Be Well Program with Alicia Cuervo begins at noon.

3. May 17th : Barry’s Bash at Olney Theatre to honor Barry Schartz the generous former co-owner of B.J. Pumpernickels

4. May 21st to 23rd: Olney Days – See GOCA website under Olney Days 2010

5 June 12th and 13th: Relay for Life at Sherwood High School

6. June 14th: Development Review for the First Baptist Church slated for SEROCA