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Synopsis of October 12, 2010 Meeting

Synopsis of October 12, 2010 GOCA Meeting

Deborah Hanson informed us about the Olney Help community organization that provides food and financial support to needy residents of Olney. Khalid Afzal of Montgomery County’s Planning Department described the site plan process that identified the extension of Buehler Road, which is in the Olney Master Plan, as the project to receive the traffic mitigation money paid by Safeway. Tim Sterling of Highlands read a statement emphasizing opposition to the Buehler Road extension to protect the children from increased traffic. Many residents of Highlands and Hallowell attended the meeting, and two provided Matt Zaborsky with a “Say No to the Buehler Road Extension” packet of many signatures. During committee reports, Bob Beard listed the stores under construction and after Ron Berger read the attendance amendment, Paul Jarosinski emphasized the reasons he is opposed to the amendment. A vote of 12 to 9 tabled the amendment. Arnie Gordon read a motion that GOCA oppose the extension of Buehler Road; his motion passed 17 to 5.

Upcoming Events and Information:

10/22 – 10/28 Early voting – See

11/02/10 – Election Day

12/02/10 – Tentative date for Safeway project to go before the planning board

12/05/10 – Holiday Market at Olney Farmers and Artists Market – 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.

01/10/11 – Relay for Life at Sherwood High School